Megga Craft is a trademark owned by MEGGACRAFT LTD. The company started its development in 2007 with the import, trade and MEGGArenovation of used sport boats, fishing boats and scooters mainly from England. Founder of the company is Angel Teknefezov, whose interests are primarily focused on water, water sports and fishing.

From 2007 to 2010 the company imports, updates and sells over 60 fiberglass boats with different functions and leaves behind many satisfied customers. During this period, the team of Megga Craft gained experience in working with fiberglass, outboard engine servicing and in investing in knowledge and innovation.

In 2010 Megga Craft started export and sale on foreign markets, particularly Romania. This boosted the company and its ability to work with high-end boats. Major contribution to the success of the Romanian market is thanks to not only the team of Megga Craft, but also thanks to their business partner Mr. Bakalu, represents very well the company's products in this market.

In 2012 Megga Craft shifts mainly to the import and marketing of new fiberglass boats and outboard engines. With the increasing volume of work, the company feels the need of qualified help and found it in the face of a partner - Stanislav Buchakov. Longtime motocross racer with excellent knowledge of two-stroke and four-stroke engines, he fits perfectly in the company and is currently responsible for the quality servicing.IMG 1907

Since 2013, the company began regularly attending yacht exhibitions in Europe and the main goals are to keep pace with new technology, the accumulation of additional knowledge and new contacts with manufacturers to offer the best products on the Bulgarian market.

The company currently combines work and products of several licensed manufacturers of boats from Europe in one trade brand "Megga Craft". All boats offered by us have CE certification and quality assurance.


In our company, you will encounter with professional and accurate advice at every selection. The objectives of the company are to prove that not only the quality of the product, but also the trust of our customers come first. The variety of models makes the choice easier. Megga Craft offers not only goods, but also services.izlojenie

What we offer is a service for our products with warranty, and a service for outboard engines and boats that are not purchased from us. Also we equip boats, at the request of the client, with custom goods from famous brands, with whom we have partnerships. We always strive to fulfill all the requirements of our customers in terms of quality and deadlines.

 In your interest we are ready to provide any further information regarding products and services.


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