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We want to introduce to you the impressions of some of our customers and partners.

Each client can express their opinion through our contact form.

I'm a Romanian customer of MeggaCraft Bulgaria, buying the Top fisher 560 boat.

At first I contacted Pegazus, the boat manufacturers and they have appointed MeggaCraft as their dealers in the area.
From the moment I expressed my interest in the boat all of them have been more then helpful and accommodating.
The discussions were kept with Angel, MeggaCraft owner, and he was the point of contact between me and the producer.
As I haven't seen the boat they have invited me to boat show in Poland but I couldn't attend so you can imagine my fear of buying something this expensive from pictures.
I took my chances though and when the boat arrived, as discussed with Angel (not even one day later), my fears disappeared. You know what happens when you buy stuff from internet...the item is either to small compared to the picture, or has a different color or it's just different...
This was my first time when the item purchased on the internet was even better then the picture.
Once again the guys from MeggaCraft were very helpful and they have helped me with fixing the engine on the boat even when that meant spending one more night in Romania.
Most of the times, after o sale is made, you can't find the sales guy anywhere...not this guys...they have constantly helped me with every issue, they called themselves to find out the status of my preparation with the boat (canvas, lights, fishfinder, etc)... in a few words...they have been with me the whole way and that I really appreciate.

To whom it might concern :) ...the boat is great, the guys are greater. If you like one of the boats they are offering go ahead.. you will not be disappointed.
And as I promised I will help them in return for their commitment to make me happy, this is my Romanian number: 0727.087.048.
Please use whatsapp.

All the best,


My name is Nikolay Petkov from Mezdra and I want to share that recently with my friend and fishing teammate Ivaylo Tsanov, we decided to buy a new better than our old boat. Naturally, we checked all channels to import second-hand and others announced auto sites, which I will not discuss. So looking at these ads, I came across a listing of Meggacraft and found that the 360 sports model is that, which most approximates our requirements for a new boat.
Not to fall into unnecessary harangue, I will say that the talks we had with the vendors differed with extreme precision in every aspect, which led us to opt for the purchase of this particular boat. To be sure, and for our own reassurance that everything is as it seems in the pictures, we rose and went to Haskovo to see the boat up close.
We found them without a problem, because they are at a very convenient location, and the boat seemed even better than in the pictures.
Incidentally what we noticed was that these guys are decent business owners, not the various garages, basements and farmyards where we went before that to look for a boat ... So we decided that we can safely make a deposit on the boat, so that when call next time, they won’t tell us that there is no such company.
To conclude I would say that the boat arrived exactly on the date that we were promised, with the right accessories that were purchased, for the right price we had agreed in advance. In a word, everything was PRECISE.
In this last sentence, I would like to say that I'm not a dummy company salesman or something, I write because I am pleased with the boat, of how it floats on water, with the way, in which we conducted the transaction and that we decided to buy such a boat. We thank Angel and Stanislav for their accuracy and attitude. "

Nikolay Petkov, Mezdra

"I bought the Megga Craft 370 L-console, I’ve been using for almost a year. I am very pleased, the boat is stable when there are waves, it is a light and comfortable boat, which with a 20 hp engine runs at 45 kilometers. I recommend it to anyone, who wants a relatively cheap and stable boat."

Stanislav Vladimirov, Veliko Tarnovo


My name is Ivan Dochev from Kazanlak and I want to share that recently I became one of the lucky owners of boats Megga Craft. After a consultation with Angel Teknefezov and Stanislav Buchakov I chose the following set:

Boat Megga Craft- 430 Classic

Suzuki engine 30 hp


The boat holds on together beautifully on the water, it is very stable, even in rough seas. A perfect boat for fishing and relaxation. Perfect customer service from the sellers. Sincere thanks to you both for the perfect workmanship and the advice I received from you. Hope you still make people happy in the future. Thank you for the perfect dream boat. "

Ivan Dochev, Kazanlak

"For a long time I was looking for a nice new fishing boat at an affordable price, and also for people who understand and can make the installation of an engine, sonar, trailer, etc, not only traders ... Well now I have an incredible set thanks Angel and Stanislav. In less than a week the already available Meggacraft 360 Sport, Suzuki DF15 ARS, trailer and equipment were one, thought out to the last detail. Sincere thanks to you both for the perfect job and the advice that I received! "

Martin Michorov, Sevlievo

"After long wondering, I decided to take such a boat and after each fishing trip I’m more and more satisfied. For its size, the boat is spacious and comfortable, fits in quite a lot of luggage and is a great choice for fishing. Surprisingly stable when it comes to waves or windy weather. "

Paul Tchaushev, Haskovo

"Hello, colleagues. After a dozen of inflatable boats I finally came across a real boat. Megga Craft 360 Sport grabbed my eye, and then when I tried it – my heart. This is the true, fast, stable and quality boat; it takes off for seconds with SUZUKI with 20 hp. I keep enjoying myself when I’m with it. Greetings and thanks to Stanislav Buchakov and Angel Teknefezov. "

Stoyan Angelov, Plovdiv

"I want to express my gratitude to the owners of Megga Craft. I purchased a boat model Megga Craft 360 S, which behaves very well on water, has a high offered level of comfort and last, but not least has a wonderful vision. Thank you, guys."

With respect,
Stoycho Stoynov, Yambol

"Colleagues, with only one trip to Haskovo and one weeks time, thanks to the guys from Megga Craft, I got a dream come true for anglers. A boat Megga Craft 360 Sport, engine Suzuki DF 20 ARS, trailer and everything necessary for a trolingist. For this set and both of the owners I’ll stop writing, so that it doesn’t sound like propaganda or publicity. I just wish more colleagues will experience the pleasure that I feel from this new acquisition."

Stefan Stefanov, Svilengrad